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A meeting took place between Bishop Vianor of the Urals and Atyrau with the delegation of the Roman Catholic Church

March 12, 2024. Uralsk A meeting between Bishop Vianor of Ural and Atyrau and representatives of the Roman Catholic Church took place in the building of the diocesan administration of the Ural diocese.

The meeting was attended by: Apostolic administrator Monsignor Peter Sakmar, rector of the parish of the Catholic Church “Our Lady of Perpetual Help” in the city of Uralsk, priest Lukasz Franciszek Nemec; vicar of the parish “Our Lady of Perpetual Help” priest Ruslan Mursaitov, dean of the Ural district archpriest Vladimir Garasim, secretary of the Ural diocese archdeacon Vasily (Kryukov), clergy of the Cathedral of St. Michael the Archangel deacon Viktor Mostovshchikov and deacon Artemy Rybalchenko.

Monsignor Peter Samkar congratulated Bishop Vianor on joining the administration of the Ural diocese and invited His Eminence to a solemn event in the city of Atyrau dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Atyrau Apostolic Administration.

The Hierarch thanked for the invitation, kind words and well wishes. The archpastor told the guest about the life of the Ural diocese, the implementation of various educational and social projects, and provided statistical data on the number of monasteries, parishes and clergy.

During the conversation, the parties exchanged views on the state of inter-Christian and inter-religious dialogue in Kazakhstan, expressing mutual satisfaction with the situation and assessing the prospects for its development as positive.

At the end of the communication, which took place in a friendly and warm atmosphere, the meeting participants exchanged memorable gifts.