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The head of the Orthodox Church of Kazakhstan visited the construction site of the Kazan Church in the city of Rudny and held a working meeting on the issues of its construction

March 30, 2024. City of Rudny. Metropolitan Alexander of Astana and Kazakhstan visited the construction site of the temple in honor of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God.

The working meeting, which Metropolitan Alexander held after inspecting the construction site, was attended by: the secretary of the Kostanay diocese, Hieromonk Gennady (Burdyuzha), the head of the Metropolitan’s personal secretariat, Hieromonk Prokhor (Endovitsky) and specialists responsible for construction.

The head of the Orthodox Church of Kazakhstan heard reports from the specialists responsible for the construction of the church and gave appropriate instructions regarding the next stages of work. The hierarch emphasized that the decision to build another church in Rudny was caused by numerous requests from believers. “The Orthodox residents of this city are very much looking forward to the appearance of the new church. I hope that with God’s help, we will soon see the domes of the Kazan Church soaring into the sky. Within its walls we will pray for the unity and peace of our country, for the preservation of brotherly love and good neighborliness between representatives of the different nations inhabiting Kazakhstan, for the well-being of the Orthodox Church in the ancient land of the Great Steppe. The construction of mosques and the construction of Orthodox churches is a visible embodiment of the most important achievements of sovereign Kazakhstan - interethnic peace, interethnic harmony, deep respect for the centuries-old history and rich culture of our country,” said Metropolitan Alexander.

At the end of the meeting, the archpastor thanked those present for their efforts and wished everyone God’s help in a high and responsible task - the construction of a temple, the appearance of which the Orthodox residents of the city of Rudny are awaiting.