Память казаков — жертв репрессий ХХ столетия – почтили в Южной столице Казахстана
Праздник Крещения Господа Бога и Спаса нашего Иисуса Христа. Глава Митрополичьего округа совершил Литургию и великое освящение воды в Вознесенском соборе Алма-Аты
Председатель общества православных врачей Казахстана принял участие в региональном совещании по вопросам развития посмертного органного донорства
 Глава Казахстанского Митрополичьего округа и управляющий Украинской епархией Армянской Церкви обсудили роль традиционных конфессий в жизни общества
Chairman of Muslims Spiritual Board of Kazakhstan, Grand Mufti Nauryzbay Kazhi Taganuly

Dear Mufti Khazret!

I cordially congratulate you and all Muslims of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the holiday of Eid al-Ait!

The centuries-old traditions of Islam of the Hanafi madhhab are an integral part of the richest spiritual and cultural heritage of our multinational country. The current celebration, which marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan, sums up the thirty-day fast and according to ancient tradition is marked by deeds of mercy, special care for neighbors and compassion for those in need.

In one of his addresses to the people, the Head of State, highly respected Kassym-Zhomart Kemelevich Tokayev, noted: “The traditions of friendship and mutual understanding are deeply rooted in the self-consciousness of our people, forming the foundations of harmony, peace and concord in the country. The diversity of cultures that has historically developed on the fertile Kazakh land has become an integral part of our identity”.

Today, the Muslim community is making a lot of efforts to establish in our society the ideas of good neighborliness and religious tolerance, raises its voice in defense of spiritual and moral principles, and contributes to the strengthening of public morality.
On the blessed land of Kazakhstan, Muslims and Christians from year to year in peace and brotherly love did their work, laid the foundation for the development and strengthening of the state. God grants that in the future inter-confessional peace and inter-ethnic harmony will flourish in the expanses of the Great Steppe.

I wish you, dear Mufti Khazret and all Muslims of the Republic health, peace and prosperity!