В воскресный день и праздник Тихвинской иконы Божией Матери митрополит Александр совершил Литургию в Софийском соборе Южной столицы
Начинается визит Главы Православной Церкви Казахстана в Павлодарскую епархию
Глава Православной Церкви Казахстана совершил литию по приснопамятному архиепископу Елевферию (Козорезу)
For the first time in Kazakhstan a prayer book was published in the Kazakh language

April 27, 2023. Alma-Ata. With the blessing of Metropolitan Alexander of Astana and Kazakhstan for the first time in Kazakhstan a prayer book was published in the Kazakh language.

The collection of prayers was published thanks to the support of the public fund "Apostle" headed by the President - G.G. Sosnovsky.

The following people worked on the publication: translator - priest Elisey Kukeyev, designer - Serik Yesentaev, editors - head of the public relations department of the Metropolitan District Archpriest Alexander Suvorov and acting rector of the Alma-Ata Orthodox Theological Seminary, Head of the Information and Publishing Department of the Metropolitan District, Archpriest Evgeny Ivanov.

All texts are published in Kazakh language with parallel translation into Russian. The Prayer Book opens with the articles: "about God and Prayer", containing the main provisions of the Orthodox dogma about God - one in Essence and trinity in Persons, and about prayer as communication and unity of man with the Creator.

The Prayer Book is illustrated with photographs of icons by the famous iconographer of our time - Honored Artist of the Russian Federation S.N. Sokolov, which adorn the temples of Kazakhstan. The cover and page margins feature an original design ornament that combines elements of traditional Kazakh and ancient Christian patterns. The “Prosperous Cross” is a combination of the lines of the Cross with a vine, wheat ears, almond flowers and Kazakh ornaments “otkizbe” and “muyiz”.

The book contains morning and evening prayers, daily performed by believers at the beginning of the day and before going to bed, prayers before Holy Communion and prayers of thanksgiving after communion of the Holy Mysteries of Christ, prayers for various occasions - for the sick, for travelers, for the multiplication of love, prayers about the dead.

The publication is intended for believers whose native language is Kazakh, as well as for everyone who is interested in studying the Kazakh language in the context of Orthodox spiritual culture.