Состоялась международная интернет-карусель «Страны и народы», посвященная Дню православной молодежи
Митрополит Александр совершил вечерню с выносом святой Плащаницы и утреню с чином погребения Спасителя в главном храме Южной столицы
В Чимкентской епархии состоялись пасхальные благотворительные мероприятия
Великая святыня Православной Церкви Казахстана посещает Смоленскую митрополию
The final diocesan meeting took place in the Peter and Paul Diocese

On December 15-16, 2023, a diocesan meeting of the clergy of the Petropavlovsk and Bulaevsk diocese was held in Petropavlovsk in the spiritual and administrative center at the Ascension Cathedral.

Among the meeting participants: deans, rectors and clergy of churches, monastics, heads of diocesan departments, diocesan administration employees responsible for social, educational and missionary activities in parishes.

The work of the meeting was opened by Archbishop Vladimir of Petropavlovsk and Bulaevsk, who made a report on the main events that took place in the diocese in the past year. The Bishop also expressed wishes for the work of the clergy and departments for the next year.

The rector of the temple in the name of the Hieromartyr Methodius of Petropavlovsk, Priest Mikhail Berezin, made a report on the topic: “The Church in Northern Kazakhstan in the twentieth century: losses and gains.”

Then the reports were presented by: the head of the diocesan department for prison ministry, Hieromonk Seraphim (Maksimov), the chief accountant of the diocese S.P. Ivanova, head of the diocesan department of religious education and catechesis T.A. Gurzheev and the head of the diocesan department of social ministry M.S. Mahinya.

At the conclusion of the first day of the diocesan meeting, representatives of the department for religious affairs of the regional akimat made presentations on the topic of anti-terrorism work in parishes.

As part of the meeting, the opening of the regional stage of the International Christmas Readings took place on the topic: “Orthodoxy and Russian culture: losses and gains of the past, image of the future.”

The conference, chaired by Archbishop Vladimir, was attended by: diocesan clergy, employees and heads of specialized diocesan departments, teachers and students of Sunday schools, and parishioners of churches.

The following reports were made at the plenary session:

• “Orthodox motives in the fairy tales of A. S. Pushkin” - literature teacher of the First General Education Lyceum E. V. Morgunova;
• “The Personality of Admiral Nakhimov” - methodologist EOROiK S.V. Tsvetkova;
• “The Battle of Sinop - the triumph of the Russian fleet” - history teacher of the First General Education Lyceum of the city of Petropavlovsk S. V. Nikulin;
• “Defense of Sevastopol as a challenge to the world community of the Russian Empire” - history teacher of the First General Education Lyceum of the city of Petropavlovsk N. Yu. Belenkova;
• “Russian-Turkish, Crimean wars, as a prologue to world wars” - G.V. Sheremetyev;
• “The Battle for Sevastopol in the works of Russian writers” - teacher of the gymnasium in the name of St. Sergius of Radonezh A. V. Fadeev.

In the second part of the event, sections for the clergy and for teachers of Sunday schools of the dioceses were organized.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Archbishop Vladimir summed up the work and thanked the clergy and laity of the diocese for their work for the benefit of the Orthodox Church of Northern Kazakhstan.